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5 Game Changing AC Efficiency Tips

Things will be heating up soon. It’s time to ask yourself how your air conditioner is doing...

Things will be heating up soon. It’s time to ask yourself how your air conditioner is doing.

If you haven’t already had to turn on your air conditioner to combat the heat, then it’s time to take a mental trip back to last summer. Ask yourself how your air conditioner ran, if you were cool enough, and recall what your energy bills were like. If you needed a little help in all these aspects, then these air conditioning tips are for you! And, honestly speaking, even if your air conditioner is doing well, these tips can still help your air conditioning in Canby, OR.

Try These Tips

Tuck a couple of these tips into the back of your mind and try them out this summer. They’re sure to help.

1. Have a Tune-Up

You should tune up your air conditioner every single spring. If you’re not doing this, then you’re only opening up opportunities for inefficiency. A tune-up is what’s going to keep your air conditioner as efficient as possible. We lubricate and calibrate all the parts that are necessary for your AC operation. Contact us today for an appointment and inquire about our maintenance plan too.

2. Clear Up Any Blockages

It’s common to want to give your home a different look or feel. If you’ve been on a decoration binge since last summer, take some time now to make sure that your decorations aren’t going to hurt your comfort this summer. None of your décor should obstruct your vents or your thermostat itself.

3. Upgrade Where Necessary

Your thermostat might be the thing that’s holding your system back. If your thermostat is older, then it’s a great idea to upgrade to a new unit. Smart and Wi-Fi thermostats are great, because they work for you rather than forcing you to work around them. Smart thermostats in particular can begin to suggest energy-efficient practices the longer that they’re in your home. An upgrade is an investment int your AC efficiency.

Bonus Tip: Your thermostat placement really counts. Make sure that your thermostat isn’t too close to a window and is in a room that’s frequently used in your home.

4. Use a Fan If You Have One

Consider yourself lucky if you have ceiling fans in your home. These are the perfect partners in crime to your air conditioner. If you’d like to improve your efficiency, try switching on your ceiling fan when you run your AC. It will help you distribute cool air, and you’ll notice yourself relying on your AC a lot less often.

5. Only Cool Your Home

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s not actually something that you’re doing if you have poor insulation. You’re cooling the outdoors or at least attempting to if you don’t have proper insulation. It’s a waste of time and your home’s energy to do this. Make sure your home is properly sealed before firing up your air conditioner for the summer.

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