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5 Signs That Your Furnace Needs Repair

Here are 5 key signs that you should invest in furnace repair in your home.


Your furnace is one of the most important major systems in your home. Most often, it works without fail and isn’t something you think about often. However, if you pay close attention to it, you may notice some changes happening over time that could indicate that it needs a repair or may need one soon. The sooner you schedule furnace repair in Clackamas, OR, the more likely it is to be a less expensive repair that takes less time to get done. How do you know, though, when you need these types of repairs?

Common Signs of Furnace Repair Needs

It’s obvious enough if your furnace does not turn on and run. However, some of the other common signs of furnace repair needs may be less common. Here is a look at some of them.

#1: Your energy bills are rising

If you noticed you’re using more energy than you used to, that could be an indication that your furnace is no longer as efficient as it used to be. Compare your utility bills from this winter to last winter. Did the amount of energy you used rise significantly?

#2: There’s less hot air

You may also notice that there’s less hot air coming out when you turn on your furnace. This could indicate a blockage in the ductwork or in other cases that the blower motor needs attention. The more you turn up the heat to get comfortable, the more strain is placed on these components, and that increase the risk for a breakdown.

#3: New strange noises

You may also notice that your furnace is getting louder or may have strange noises when running. Most often, you shouldn’t hear any noise when your furnace is running. Loud clanking noises, whistle-like noises, or the sound of the system starting and stopping are all indications that the furnace components are working improperly. This could be due to the blower motor or the air handler, or other components. Don’t ignore these noises.

#4: Frequent cycling

You may also notice that your furnace turns on and off often. You may notice that it turns on, runs for a bit, and then shuts off even though your home seems cold. Other times, it may run endlessly without turning off at all. Sometimes this is a problem with the thermostat. Other times, it may be the air filter or even an air circulation issue.

#5: Your pilot light is yellow

The pilot light on your furnace should always be burning blue. If you notice that it has changed color, that means that there are other substances on the burners. That could be creating a safety risk for your home. If this is occurring, it’s best to turn off the flame and then call a technician to complete a formal inspection immediately to ensure that there’s no risk to your safety.

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