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A Customer's Guide to Ductwork Repairs

Learn more about the benefits of having your ductwork repaired.

When you think about your air conditioner working efficiently, you may not consider the ductwork that is attached to the unit. Yet the ductwork in your home plays a huge role in how efficiently and effectively your air conditioner can cool your home.

If you’re wondering why ductwork repair is so important, you can keep reading to learn more. We are highlighting the key benefits of ductwork repairs so that you understand that it is an investment in your air conditioner, overall comfort, and even your indoor air quality.

Duct Cleaning

The first step in getting your ductwork in better condition is cleaning it out. Even when you change your air filter on time each month, some dust and dirt will still make its way into your system and eventually land in your ductwork. This layer of dust and dirt gets stirred up every time conditioned air blows through to cool your home. These particles mix in with cool air and blow back into your home, making it more likely that you will get sick or suffer from allergy symptoms.

But these particles are also interfering with smooth airflow. Too much dust can cause cold air to get trapped in your ductwork instead of blowing into your home. This can lead to your air conditioner staying on for longer or working harder to cool your home. If this is your first time having your ductwork cleaned, it may be particularly dirty. We can also sanitize the surfaces in addition to wiping them down.

Duct Testing

Cleaning out your ductwork will only do so much if dust and dirt can still get in again. The next step in taking care of your ductwork is pressurizing your entire system of ducts and conducting testing to find holes where air is escaping. These holes are not just allowing cold air to escape, but also allowing dust and dirt to get into the system.

Ductwork is usually made of a very thin metal that is prone to damage. Even pinprick size holes can allow a lot of cool air to be lost before entering your home. In addition to that, ductwork is a network of pieces that are connected together with seals. If the seals break, they can also allow cool air to escape. All of these holes will be revealed during duct testing.

Duct Sealing

Once we find the holes, we can seal them up and make sure that your ductwork is completely airtight. You’ll see an immediate change in your indoor air quality, overall comfort, and even your energy bills. Ideally, you want to schedule duct services regularly to stay ahead of problems. You should have your ductwork inspected every single year when you schedule regular air conditioner maintenance. When it’s time to schedule the services again, we will let you know based on the findings of our inspection.

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