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What To Know About the New “Renters’ Rights to AC” Law

Living in a rental may mean you do not have access to air conditioning. Though laws are changing to make it a requirement for tenants to have access to air conditioning, they may not be impacting you just yet.

Air conditioning is no longer an extra or special feature. Rather, it is necessary for maintaining the comfort and sometimes the heath of your property. What can you do if you need a proper air conditioning installation in Oregon City, OR? Here’s what you should know about getting a proper cooling system added to your rental home.

Know Your Rights

In 2021, record-breaking heat in the Pacific Northwest and western Canada led to the deaths of over 500 people. That heat wave was so significant that people, often in lower-income areas or older residential homes, did not have access to air conditioning. They also could not leave their homes easily.

Oregon recently passed Senate Bill 1536, which restricts limitations that can be placed by landlords as well as homeowners associations on the use of portable cooling devices. Additionally, the bill calls on access to air conditioners and air filters more readily, including mandating them in new construction projects in the future.

The bill makes it clear. Air conditioners are lifesaving devices. They help to enhance a person’s quality of life, but they also help to reduce intense heat in home environments. That’s quite important for seniors or those living in low-income communities that typically lack air conditioning.

If you do not have air conditioning in your home as a renter, you may have some options to help you.

What You Can Do Now

If you do not have air conditioning in your home right now and you’re a renter, it’s important to learn about your options. Portable air conditioners are typically the easiest option because they do not require any type of significant structural change to the home.

Ductless air conditioners are another option. They do not require the installation of ductwork, which is often very expensive to do in a home that’s already built. You can install ductless air conditioners with minimal amounts of home improvement work, and many renters will agree to them.

Both of these options are more affordable than central AC systems. They are also easier to put into place and take less time to install. It is important to talk to your property owner and to do your own research to learn what your legal rights and options are for the installation of air conditioners.

Even if you are not a renter right now, installing an air conditioner like this makes sense. Doing so may even save your life if temperatures soar to those levels again. View air conditioners as valuable investments rather than optional investments in your home. They not only cool the air, but they help to minimize high humidity and may help improve overall air quality in your home.

Let Us Help You Get AC in No Time

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