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Boost your IAQ with BetterAir

Call the professionals on our team for your indoor air quality issues.

Are you concerned with your home’s indoor air quality? If the answer is yes, then you’re always a step ahead and if the answer is no, then this is your opportunity for you to catch up. Your indoor air quality really matters. It doesn’t just affect how you breathe or the quality of your home’s air—it also affects your home’s comfort.

Low indoor air quality can affect how you feel in your home through the winter months. Make sure that you schedule an appointment with the professionals on our team. You don’t have to search high and low for indoor air quality services in Oregon City, OR, you can just come to the professionals on our team for the work that you need. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

How Your Indoor Air Quality Affects You

So how does your indoor air quality affect the way that you live in your home? Well, have you ever come home from a long day, stretched out on your couch, and then noticed a little later on that you’re feeling sick? Maybe your throat feels a little weird, you’re sniffling, or your breathing is a little more labored than it usually is, and you might be thrown off by this because you seemed fine during the day. This actually might be a problem with your home’s indoor air quality.

You don’t have to struggle through your indoor air quality issues. You can schedule an appointment with our professionals and have your indoor air quality brought up to shape fast.

What’s BetterAir?

So what’s BetterAir and why do we choose to go with this system? In the simplest form possible, BetterAir is an indoor air quality product that uses probiotics to clean your home’s air. We’ll get into some of the finer details below.

BetterAir uses something called Enviro-Biotics to degrade the allergens floating around in your home. The Enviro-Biotics are dispersed into your home through your ventilation system. The Enviro-Biotics then land on surfaces of your homes like keyboards, carpets, toys, linens, and door handles and keep them clean. You can’t have clean air without clean surfaces. Indoor air quality systems help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in your home by reduced organic irritants (dust mites, pollen, and pet dander) and continually cleans in inside of your air ducts and HVAC components.

Your Indoor Air Quality Matters

You need to make sure that you have great indoor air quality. Indoor air is often five times more polluted than outdoor air. It might not seem like it, but your indoor air can become polluted quickly and really degrade your home quality. The average person spends about 90% of their time indoors so indoor air quality is really important to the quality of your life.

Don’t brush aside your indoor air quality problems because you think that it’s something that’s not that serious. It affects everything you do!

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