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Ceiling Fans, IAQ Systems, and Upgraded Thermostats: Your AC’s Wingmen

The weather is finally warming up out there. Are you ready?

The weather is finally warming up out there. We know that the warm weather season is always welcomed after a cold and rainy winter here in Oregon. Are you ready though?

Take a moment to take inventory of your entire cooling system. Have you scheduled an appointment for maintenance already? Do you have any air conditioning problems lingering on from last year? Do you have any upgrades you’ve been considering that you want to start now? We’re here to help with all of this. In fact, we want to talk about three areas of your home that can really help your air conditioner today. Our experts specialize in air conditioning in Oregon City, OR.

Your Air Conditioner’s Partner in Crime

Your air conditioner doesn’t have to work all on its own. Of course, your air conditioner should be able to handle your cooling needs solo, but there are other parts of your home that can help you cool off faster or more efficiently. Let’s discuss a few today.

Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is an amazing thing to have in your home. This is because ceiling fans can help you cool off on the hottest days of summer.

The one thing that you need to be cognizant of when you’re using a ceiling fan is that this fan cools you, not the room. This means that when you leave the room, the ceiling fan should turn off. It’s not doing anything just spinning endlessly alone. You feel cooler because of the movement of air over your body.

Your ceiling fan can help you save money on your air conditioning. Your air conditioner efficiency can drop by about 15% if you use your ceiling fan the right way.

Indoor Air Quality Systems

You’re not really going to be cool without clean, humidity-balanced air.

Clean Air

Let’s start off by addressing the “clean” aspect. Clean air means that you’re going to be cooler at home because dirty air makes your air conditioner work much harder. Imagine it like this: your air conditioner is the coach cheering on your cool conditioned air down a track. The contaminants like bacteria, mold, mildew, and viruses are the hurdles. The longer the race goes, the higher the hurdles get until they’re impossible to jump over. In this instance, your air conditioner will run into a repair issue.

You can avoid all this with an IAQ system like an air filter, air purifier, HRV system, or ERV system.

Balanced Air

Don’t forget your temperature balance too! It’s much harder to feel cool in humid air. Moist air makes the process of sweating harder. Your sweat can’t evaporate as easily, and this is what makes you cool. Talk to us about humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Smart and Wi-Fi Thermostats

Smart and Wi-Fi thermostats help you eliminate any human error. This is because you’re able to turn your thermostat on, off, or adjust the temperature from anywhere with Internet access. The same goes with smart thermostats, but it gets even better. Smart thermostats “learn” how you like to temperature control your home. After a period of observation, a smart thermostat can suggest more energy-efficient practices for your home.

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