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Concerning Noises You May Hear From Your HVAC System

Learn more about seemingly harmless signs that should be concerning.

If you ever hear an unusual sound coming from your HVAC system, like a clicking sound from the air vents, you may be worried that something serious is wrong. In many cases, that is true. Any time your air conditioner begins to make a new or unusual sound, that’s a sign that something is going on inside of the system.

It may be time to schedule an AC repair appointment to stay ahead of any problems. If you ignore these sounds, even if they don’t sound too alarming, it can lead to major problems down the road. Keep reading to learn more about seemingly harmless signs that should be concerning.

Clicking Sounds in Your AC

If you hear a clicking sound, when your air conditioner is turning on or off, that is completely normal. It is also normal to hear, clicking when temperatures are changing and causing your air ducts to expand and contract. Clicking is not always loud or obvious, so it can be easy to ignore. Sometimes it even begins fading into the background as white noise if you hear it enough.

But if you begin to hear clicking sounds coming from your air ducts more frequently, it’s a sign that something is wrong. The air pressure may be too much for your ductwork, and it may need to be resized or repositioned. Allowing this clicking sound to continue can cause bigger problems.

If your ductwork is expanding and contracting all the time, it can cause seals to break and allow cooled air to escape. Your air conditioner will begin to work harder to cool your home to make up for the airflow being lost. Our team can assess your ductwork and make adjustments to improve airflow and prevent the clicking sound from continuing.

Whistling Sounds in Your AC

Another sound that can originate in your ductwork is whistling. Sometimes whistling can indicate that you have a refrigerant leak, but not if the sound is coming from your ductwork. When it sounds like your air ducts are whistling, that means you have poor airflow. Your air conditioner is struggling to move air through the system, and it results in a whistling sound.

Most of the time this problem is caused by poor airflow coming into the system. If your air conditioner cannot bring in enough air to cool, it doesn’t have enough air to move throughout the rest of the unit. Your air conditioner works on a very precise, pressurized movement of airflow.

You can try to address this by changing your air filter. If your air filter is too dirty, it can become clogged with dust and dirt and block airflow. If that doesn’t work, there’s a chance that there is a blockage somewhere else in your system and you need to give our team a call to check it out.

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