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Don’t Ignore this Heating Sound

Banging, rattling, and scraping... oh my! Don't ignore these heating problems. Have our heating technicians handle everything you need.

Sometimes your heater makes a little noise. You probably let out a sigh of relief in the morning when you hear your heater click on. You know warmth is on its way. You might even hear some pinging or popping noises coming from your ductwork. This is normal too—it’s the sound of your home’s ductwork expanding and contracting based on the temperature changing throughout your home. The problem comes in when the sounds are new, loud, or persistent. That’s when you’re going to need heating repair in Portland, OR.

We’re here to help when this is the case. You don’t want to ignore any sound you hear coming for your heater over a long period of time. It’s only going to hurt your home in the long run. We’re going to help you with whatever you need.

Troubling Heating Sounds

Here are the signs that you’re having trouble with your home’s heater:

1. Banging

You’re at home trying to get warm on a cold Portland morning so you turn on your heater. Warmth flows through your home’s vents, but there’s also another thing happening in your home—a land banging sound.

If you hear a loud sound like banging pots and pans every time that you turn on your heater, it’s time for you to schedule an appointment with us. This is the sound of your heater deteriorating.

2. Scraping

There’s a loud metal on metal scraping sound in your home every single time you turn on your heater. This is typically the sound of two parts of your home’s heater being dismally out of line. This is an alarming heating sound. If you let this sound go on unchecked for too long, you’re going to notice that your home’s heater breaks down fast.

3. Rattling

Do you hear a distinct rattling noise coming from your home’s heater when it runs? This is the sound of a loose part. The longer you let it rattle, the bigger your problems will become. Don’t mark off rattling as a minor noise that you can ignore. You need help from our team to alleviate this problem.

4. Popping

Do you hear a distinct popping, tinny sound in your home’s vents every time you run your heater? You might hear mild popping sounds whenever you turn on your home’s heater because your home’s vents are expanding or contracting depending on the temperature change. This is normal. Loud and persistent popping sounds are not.

5. Silence

This sound is unlike the others. You might think that you want your home’s heater to be silent. This isn’t the case.

If your home’s heater is silent instead of just being quiet, it probably means that your home’s heater isn’t working. Silence is a sign that everything is at a standstill. If you’re met with silence even when you try to start up your home’s heater, then it means that you're in the middle of a heating problem. Our professionals will help you through it.

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