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Fix These Problems Before the End of the Summer

These are the problems that you need to address before summer ends.

Summer is coming to a close. Although you might be ready to transition right into fall and leave summer in the past in your mind, we think it’s a wise decision to handle any of the problems you might have sooner than later. This is because air conditioning repair in Canby, OR is a time sensitive issue. 

We want to help you figure out what’s worth addressing sooner than later. We would suggest that you address all your air conditioning repair needs in a timely manner. We’re realistic though and understand that certain issues might need to be addressed before others. We’re here to help you with this.

Issues to Address Now

These are the urgent issues that you should address before the summer season is over.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is an issue you always want to address as soon as possible because it’s the enemy of a healthy air conditioning system. If you’re noticing that your home’s air conditioner has done this throughout the summer, then we’d suggest that you get an appointment on the books with our team.

Short cycling is the downfall of an air conditioning system because it forces your air conditioner to do the hardest part of its job on repeat. We’ll help you fiure this out.

High Energy Bills

This one is another clear sign of air conditioning trouble, but only if you haven’t changed anything about how you run your air conditioner. If it’s business as usual but your air conditoner has decided to make things much harder, then you need to schedule an appointment with our team members. High energy bills typically indicate an efficiency issue. We can help you pinpoint what’s going on with your system and improve your AC unit overall.

Uneven Temperature Balance

Have you noticed that your temperature balance is off from room to room? This is naturally going to happen in certain instances. You might notice that your living room is much cooler than your bedroom if your living room is on the first floor and your bedroom is on the second. You also might notice that that rooms that receive more natural sunlight than others naturally warm up faster.

Trouble Getting Your Air Conditioner to Turn On

If you notice that your air conditioner is a little slow to respond, then you might need to schedule an appointment with our professionals. Air conditioner that isn’t working well is an air conditioner that needs air conditioning care. We know that this might seem like a problem that can wait, but it will come back full force as soon as the warm weather arrives again next spring.

Odd Noises

If you notice odd noises coming from your air conditioner, we want you to note these sounds and contact a professional about them. Odd noises are going to snowball into larger issues. We want to help you note these odd noises and get your home back in proper shape. We’re prepared to help you with exactly what you need.

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