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How to Keep Your AC Efficient

This is how you can keep your air conditioning system efficient this summer.

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Your air conditioner is likely to run this summer. That may mean that you will have higher energy bills to go along with keeping your home more comfortable. If you want to change this, there are a few things you can do to help ensure your system operates at its best. By improving efficiency, you’ll be able to improve the overall function and ensure your home remains comfortable, too. Don’t overlook the importance of hiring a team to help you get your AC working at its best. Rather, call for service for air conditioning in Canby, OR, now so your system can work its best all season long.

Start By Keeping Your Filter Clean

One of the most important steps to take during the summer months is to ensure your home's filters remain clean. The air filter helps pull debris and other particles from the air as it flows through the air conditioner. It can back up quickly. When that happens, the air conditioner has to work much harder to push cooled air through your home. That means more energy and less efficiency. By replacing your air conditioning filters at least one time every month, you ensure that’s not going to happen.

Check Your Vents

Take a look at the vents around your home. They are likely present in most rooms. These vents allow air to circulate into the home easily. They can become clogged with dirt and debris, though, which can cause problems with airflow. Use a simple duster to remove all of the debris and dust collected on them. That is going to provide better comfort to your home, too.

Check the Outdoor Condenser

Most air conditioners have a large condenser that sits outside of the home. Because it is a large system that pulls in hot air, it can often attract leaves and twigs. Sometimes animals may try to next near it, too. It’s important to keep this clear. You can hose it off to ensure that it remains debris free, but it is also best to turn to an AC technician who can provide an inspection and ensure it is working at its best.

Take Some Other Simple Steps

There are a few other things you can do to see significant improvement:

  • Use a smart thermostat that can help you program your air conditioning to reduce high use when no one is home.
  • Make sure there’s no buildup of ice on the compressor. That could mean you need repairs.
  • Listen for any changes in the way it sounds. If you hear those changes, such as a banging, it’s time to get repairs.
  • Keep all doors and windows closed. Be sure to check the seals on them to ensure air isn't getting out.
  • Be sure to insulate your attic, as that can help to reduce the amount of cooled air lost through the attic itself. At the same time, make sure it's properly vented to allow hot air out.

It really is much simpler than you think to get the air conditioning you need this summer.

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