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How the Right Thermostat Can Change Your HVAC Efficiency

Learn how upgrading your basic thermostat to a more dynamic thermostat could save you money.

Is a thermostat just a thermostat? You may think that all thermostats are created equal, but they aren’t. Some thermostats meet your basic needs. They allow you to adjust temperatures and turn the fan on and off. But what if upgrading your basic thermostat to a more dynamic thermostat could save you money?

Thermostat design and operation have come a long way from simply adjusting temperatures. You don’t have to upgrade your entire HVAC unit to reap the benefits of a new thermostat. Our team offers HVAC service in Clackamas, OR, and can install a new thermostat in your home. Learn how this small upgrade can make a big difference year round when it comes to energy (and money!) savings.

Digital Thermostats are More Accurate

If your thermostat is significantly older, it may have a tiny switch that you slide between temperatures. With these models, it can be difficult to know exactly what temperature you’re selecting. You may think that you’re making efficient choices, but a digital thermostat could help elevate your efforts.

Even a degree or two difference can mean a lot more (or less!) money that you spend on heating and cooling each month. Don’t settle for close enough. Instead, upgrade to a digital thermostat that offers far more accurate temperature detection and control.

Program Around Your Schedule

With a digital thermostat, you can schedule temperature changes around when you’ll be home or away. If you’re gone for nine hours a day at work, set the temperature a little higher or lower. Then, program the temperature to change back right before you get home. You can do the same thing overnight when your family is asleep.

Again, even a few degrees difference can mean you pay less on your energy bill each month. In fact, experts estimate that you can save around 10% per year on HVAC energy costs by turning the AC up 7-10° for eight hours per day during the hotter months and down 7-10° in the colder months.

Increased Connectivity Using Wifi

Many smart thermostats connect to wifi so that you can log in to an app on your phone, tablet, or computer. That way, you can control your thermostat from a distance if you’re planning to be away for longer than you expected. Many smart thermostats can even learn about your routine based on your thermostat preferences to create personalized recommendations.

This is a helpful tool if you’re not sure how to find a balance between energy savings and your heating and cooling preferences. Wifi-enabled thermostats can offer suggestions for how to save money based on how warm or cool you keep your home. You can also look back to see what settings you used the previous summer or winter season so you can use proven settings year after year without any guesswork. Whether you live in Clackamas, OR, or the surrounding area, Chase Heating and Cooling can help!

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