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Is Your Home Missing an Air Purifier?

Here are the signs that you're having trouble with your home's air purifier.

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Along with spring comes allergy season. We know that you’re outside sneezing, wheezing, and trying to relieve your scratchy eyes. The one thing that you can look forward to is coming home, swinging open that front door, and finding relief. What happens when this isn’t the case in your home?

If your outdoor air quality problems are also transferring indoors too, then you should schedule an appointment with us. Your home’s indoor air quality trouble shouldn’t be this bad. We’re going to help you turn this around. We suggest an air purifier in Portland, OR.

Air Purifier 101

Let’s start with talking about the specific type of air purifiers we like to use at our company. If you weren’t aware before, the term “air purifier” is a general term. We like to use UV air purifiers because we find them to be the most effective for homes in the area.

UV air purifiers are ultraviolet air purifiers. These are purifiers emit ultraviolet light into your home’s vents to get rid of any contaminants floating around there. When you have an air purifier running in your home, you’ll notice reduced indoor air quality problems, better breathing, and even more effective air conditioning and heating services.

The Signs That You Need an Air Purifier

Are you wondering if you even need an air purifier in your home? We understand you questioning something like this. It’s not always so obvious if you’re wondering if you should make this upgrade. Here are some signs that your home could greatly benefit from an air purifier:

  • You experience allergy symptoms at home.
  • You’re smelling foul odors any time that you run your home’s HVAC system.
  • You have respiratory problems and you’re experiencing flare-ups at home.
  • You notice an excess amount of dust all over your home’s furniture.
  • You’re snoring loud and you’ve never been a person who snores before.
  • You’re getting sick more often than you’ve been in the past.

These are all key signs that you should have an air purifier in your home. If you’re experiencing one or more, you should absolutely schedule an appointment for your home air purification services. This is especially true if you have young family members or elderly family members. Protect your home with an air purifier.

Professional Service Makes Your Air Purifier Great

An air purifier is great on its own. It’s obvious that it hosts a variety of benefits. The only problem is that your air purifier can’t reach its full potential if it doesn’t have the proper service. Professional service is what allows your home’s air purifier to reach its full capacity.

If you’re looking for quality service, then we’re the team members who can help you perfect everything. Professional service isn’t just something that you’re splurging on unnecessarily—it’s absolutely necessary. We’re here to make sure that you have the proper service for your home’s needs.

Contact Chase Heating and Cooling to schedule an appointment with our team members. Keeping Homes Comfortable In All Seasons.