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It's Time to Maintain Your Heater

Have you scheduled heater maintenance in Clackamas, OR yet for your unit? It’s never too early (or too late!) for heating maintenance!

Getting your heating system ready for winter will make the winter cozy and fun!

Fall has arrived and it’s time to break out those warm sweaters and cozy blankets. Trees are beginning to change colors and soon it will be time to switch from cooling your home to heating it. The weather will only continue to get cooler, and you want to make sure that your heater is working well so that you can feel warm when the coldest days of the year arrive.

Have you scheduled heater maintenance in Clackamas, OR yet for your unit? It’s never too early (or too late!) for heating maintenance! Fall is a really great time for a heater tune-up because you’re working ahead of the demanding winter season. If you wait, you’ll be trying to repair your unit once it is already under a lot of strain.

Prioritize Heating Maintenance This Season

When you think everything is working great with your heater, it’s easy to put off heating maintenance for another week or month. After all, nothing is even wrong! Why even fix your heater if it isn’t broken? The problem with that train of thought is that something may very well be broken and you just don’t realize it – yet.

Heating repairs don’t just materialize overnight. They begin when a minor thing goes wrong, like a part coming loose. Time passes and the problem worsens until other surrounding components begin to take on damage as the problem spreads. Eventually, you see and hear the signs of damage, but by then you’ve got a costly repair to address. Heating maintenance appointments give our team a chance to identify very small problems and fix them before you even know they’re there. 

Four Benefits of Heating Maintenance

  1. Plan for the unexpected. Nothing lasts forever. Eventually, your heater will have some kind of problem. And eventually, the problems will be so significant that you have to replace your heater instead of repairing it. But you’re not there yet! Right now you’re trying to stay ahead of those unexpected days that you come home and your heater doesn’t turn on. Heating maintenance helps you fix problems before they ever begin. 
  2. Know that you’ll be safe and warm. You want your heater to warm your home, but you want it to do so safely. Many things can pose risks to your home and family, and heaters come with risks, too. But when your heater is well-maintained it can warm your home without worries of something going wrong. Maintenance is important because as parts go bad, you risk safety compromises. 
  3. Gain energy efficiency. As each year passes, your heater loses a little of its energy efficiency. Heater maintenance helps you to keep that efficiency level instead of losing it. For example, each year you may lose 5% efficiency on average translating to a loss of up to a quarter of your efficiency in just five years. Maintenance helps to slow down this loss of efficiency. 
  4. Save on energy costs. Better energy efficiency means that your unit doesn’t require as much energy to warm your home. This translates into less expensive energy bills each month. The cost of heating maintenance may even out when you consider how much you’ll save on energy use over the life of your system. Plus, your system could last even longer because you prioritized heating maintenance and kept it in the best possible shape year after year. 

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