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Key Signs to Seal Your Air Ducts

These are the signs that you should seal your home's air ducts.

Air ducts are a vital part of any HVAC system. Yet, they are out of sight, and that often means that you do not think of them often. Since these ducts allow air from your heating and cooling system to move through the home, there is often the risk of air escaping through small holes (or larger ones) throughout the ductwork. When that happens, it is likely that you are overspending to heat and cool your home. The best way around this is through aid duct sealing in Oregon City, OR. Sealing them helps to minimize any loss of treated air, and it can improve your home’s comfort in the process.

How to Know You Need Air Duct Sealing

Since your ductwork is not easy to see, you will likely not be able to spot holes or areas of damage that could be causing an air leak. That is why you need to look for other signs of this. There are often a few, such as the following:

#1: Dust buildup

One of the most common signs you need duct cleaning occurs when there is an excess amount of dust in the home. Even if you dust your home on a routine basis and keep windows closed, the dust can come into the home through holes in the ductwork. Sealing it helps to lock that out.

#2: Hot and cold spots

Sometimes you may have hot or cold spots in the home, no matter what temperature you set the thermostat or how much you insulate the area. This could be an indication that there are leaks in your ductwork that require sealing.

#3: Increasing energy costs

Probably one of the most noticeable signs if there is significant damage is an increase in energy costs. You may not realize this initially unless there is a larger hole. However, when you do have your air ducts sealed, you may notice a big drop in your energy costs as a result of getting rid of these types of damaged areas.

#4: Increased illness

Some homeowners may notice that their allergy symptoms are worsening over time. You may even notice more spreading of bacteria and viruses through the home. That can occur as a result of air gaps in your ductwork as well. More so, the dust and mold that these leaky air ducts can bring into your home can impact your health even if you do not have allergies.

#5: Spreading mold

If you had a leak in the basement and you have leaky air ducts, the mold spores from that area could travel to any other room of your home, putting yourself and your family at risk for health complications. If you notice areas of mold growth expanding through your home, it may be time to have an HVAC team take a closer look at the condition of your ducts, especially to pinpoint any areas of risk.

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