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So… What Is a Heat Pump?

Ready for a heat pump? Contact our professionals.

We’ve reached that point of the year where you might be reevaluating the air conditioning system in your home. Maybe you’ve turned on your air conditioner to use it a couple times and something just isn’t right. Maybe you’re not as cool as you used to be or you’ve noticed that your air conditioning bills are way higher than they should be—you’re not sure what’s up but you know something is wrong and you’re tired of dealing with the same problems summer after summer.

You can switch up your air conditioning in Oregon City, OR with us. We know how to make your home the best it can possibly be. If you need help from a professional this summer, we’re the ones that you want to come to. We’re going to make the transition easy for you.

What’s a Heat Pump?

So let’s get into what a heat pump is. You are probably familiar with heat pumps on some level if you’ve found yourself on this article. You’ve probably even worked in office spaces, been in schools, or even visited a neighbor or friends' house that had a heat pump—they’re pretty common here in Oregon City. Although all this may be true, that doesn’t mean that you understand the technical ins and outs of a heat pump.

Here’s how one works—heat pumps move air rather than generate it through traditional means like a traditional air conditioner or heater. Heat pumps move your warm air in or out of your home depending on your preferences and the season. If it’s warm out like right now, your heat pump is going to do the work to expel the warm air from your home. Heat pumps are also adaptable, so in winter, your heat pump can get the heat from the outdoor air (yes, there is still a little heat available in the air during a cold Oregon City winter) and bring it indoors. You can get the best of both worlds with a system like this.

Why You Need Professional Care

Change can be hard. Even if you’re someone who embraces the “new” in life, the transition getting there can be really difficult. You can think of us as your guides through this journey. We’re not just going to be there for you when it comes to installing your new heat pump, we want to be there from day one and help you after the fact. That’s why we provide a full range of services. You don’t just want any old heat pump and we understand this. We’ll come into your home, perform an assessment, ask you about your personal preferences, and take this all into account when we suggest the right range of heat pumps for your needs.

We’re also going to be there when you need replacement, repair, or maintenance work in the future. Our professionals aren’t one-trick ponies—we understand how to help you get the care you need to stay cool all summer long. Call us today.

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