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What an Air Purifier Does for Your Home

When you’re ready to install an air purifier in Gladstone, OR, give our team a call.


Indoor air quality is a hot topic these days. Airborne contaminants are on our minds as we try to keep our families safe and healthy. And spending more time indoors meant that many homeowners were looking for ways to elevate the cleanliness of their homes – including the air!

Air purifiers are a great way to do just that. Plus, they come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your lifestyle. Whether you want a plug-in air purifier or one that goes inside your existing HVAC system, our team can help. When you’re ready to install an air purifier in Gladstone, OR, give our team a call. Until then, you can learn more about what an air purifier does for your home.

Consider it an Investment

The EPA estimates that the average American spends around 93% of their time indoors. That number may have increased during the global pandemic. While you may think that your home is safe from the spread of germs, that isn’t true. You can carry bacteria and viruses into your home on your hands and clothes. Those germs can then become airborne and circulate through your HVAC system.

Even though you have an air filter, it cannot trap microscopic specks like bacteria and viruses. This may leave those germs circulating through your home as you continue to breathe it in. An air purifier fills that gap left by your HVAC system by eliminating harmful particles from the air. And let’s face it, you can’t put a price on good health. 

Air Purifier Benefits

An air purifier offers the basic service of cleaning your air, but it really does much more than that, including:

  • Eliminating odors – This is especially important if you have pets or kids. Little boxes, muddy paws, and sports equipment can make your home smell funky. Your Air conditioner can only do so much to eliminate those odors and may just recirculate them throughout your home. But not all air purifiers are rated for odor elimination. If that feature is important to you, talk to our team of professionals to make sure you choose an air purifier that offers this feature. 
  • Destroy contaminants – Air purifiers help with more than bacteria and viruses. They can also remove mold and mildew spores to prevent growth around your home. Those contaminants also include dust, so you’ll find less dust on surfaces that need to be wiped down. 
  • Offering safety – You don’t just want to clean the air in your home – you want to do it safely. Air purifiers don’t pose any health or safety risks to your family. So often you hear of really beneficial products coming with a laundry list of risks that make you wonder if the pros outweigh the cons. That’s not the case with an air purifier.
  • Energy efficiency – You may be worried that the investment in an air purifier means adding to your monthly energy bill, but that’s not the case. Air purifiers use very little energy to run. In fact, an air purifier can actually make your HVAC system more energy efficient, so there’s a chance that you could save on your energy bill. 

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