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“What’s Wrong With My Heater?”

This is what's wrong with your home's heater...

Are you wondering what’s going on with your home’s heater this season? It’s all too easy to notice something odd going on with your heater and put off the problem until it becomes so dire that you can’t ignore it. While we understand this approach, we don’t recommend it. You don’t want to wait until things are so bad that you’re dealing with a breakdown. Instead, you can get great heating repair in Canby, OR with the help of our professionals.

First things first, we need to pinpoint the signs that something is even going wrong with your heater. Sometimes, it’s not even a matter of us not addressing the signs, it’s more of a matter of us not understanding what the signs are. We’re here to make the issues a lot clearer for you today.

What’s Up With Your Heater

Let’s figure out what’s going on with your heater today.

Not Enough Heating Power

Have you noticed that you’re just not getting enough heating power this season? Make sure that you’re really thinking through before you just give us an answer to this question. Are you noticing that you’re supplementing your central heater with portable heaters? What about the amount of blankets in your home? Has it greatly increased? These are subtle signs that you’re not getting enough heating power at home. We want to help you solve this problem.

Increased Dust Levels

One of the odd signs that your heater might run into a bit of trouble this season is increased dust levels throughout your home. You’ll notice increased dust levels when your heater isn’t performing well and can’t circulate air properly. This is when we can step in to help you out.

High Heating Bills

If you’re running your heater more often, choosing higher temperatures, or leaving your heater on blast overnight, then you’re sure to notice high heating bills. Anything outside of this is a huge issue, though. High heating bills are an issue and they’re typically the first sign that you’re running an inefficient heater. This is also a problem that we see worsen throughout the winter season. Don’t wait until things are at their worst to get in touch with our team.

Weird Sounds

Have you noticed any weird sounds when you run your home’s heater? WEird sounds that you might notice are thinkings like squealing, clunking sounds in your vents, or maybe even banging sounds coming from your outdoor unit. These are all signs that you need repair work from a professional.

Unpleasant Odors

You never want to notice any weird smell coming from your home’s heater. Your heater might make a little noise, but you should draw the line at any type of odor in your home. This is something you should contact a professional over because it’s typically a sign that your home’s heater is malfunctioning. This is something you should urgently contact a professional for if you’re running a furnace. It could point to a carbon monoxide leak in your home.

Contact Chase Heating and Cooling today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. We’re Keeping Homes Comfortable In All Seasons.