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When to Get Yourself a New Heater

This is when you should get yourself a new heater.

Now that winter is almost here, you’ve had time to assess the quality of your heater. Even if you haven’t been hovering by the thermostat taking notes with a pen and paper, we’d bet that you’ve noticed any troubles with your heater. Maybe you noticed that your heater can’t perform the way you’re used to, your monthly energy bills have spiked since you’ve started running your heating system, or that you’re just not warm enough. All of these are signs of trouble. 

There comes a time when you’re going to need to get yourself a new heater. Sometimes repair work just can’t cut it. If you think you might need a new heating installation in Clackamas, OR, then you should schedule an appointment with our professionals.

The Signs That You Need an Upgrade

Here are a few signs that you should upgrade to a new heater this winter.

Old Age

The first sign that you should upgrade your heater to a new model is the actual age of your home’s heater. If your heater is between the ages of 10 and 15, then it’s a good idea to consider an upgrade. Your heater has a finite amount of time that it’s going to last in your home. It’s also important to remember that while your heater might literally last, it isn’t likely that it’s going to be at its most efficient toward the end of its lifespan. This is why timely upgrades are necessary.

Poor Operation

Are you warm enough? If you aren’t then this is probably due to poor heater operation. Poor heater operation means that your heater isn’t able to perform in a substantial way. If this problem has plagued you throughout most of the winter season, then it’s definitely time for you to consider a full upgrade. We can help you with this process. 

High Energy Bills

Are your home’s energy bills really getting out of hand? You don’t want to notice your heating bills rising out of nowhere. If you’re running your heater more often than usual or choosing higher temperatures, then this is to be expected. Anything else is just a sign that your home’s high energy bills are a side-effect of inefficiency. 

Expensive Repair Costs

A major indicator that it’s time to upgrade is the cost of heating repair work. We’re all going to need a heater repair from time to time, but the repair work should always be reasonable. If it isn’t, then it means that you’re throwing money at a system that can't perform well anyway. This is when it’s a great idea to have a new heating system installed. 

Recurring Problems

Are you experiencing an increase in your heating repair needs or recurring problems? You shouldn’t have to repair your home’s heater too often. If you notice that repair work is necessary more than once every few years or that the same problem keeps rearing its ugly head, then you should consider getting yourself a new heating system. 

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