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Which New AC System Is Right For You?

Let's figure out what air conditioner is right for you and how you should go about replacing this system today.

When it’s time to replace your air conditioner, the process of finding a new air conditioning system can be quite daunting. You want to make the right decision. What’s the point of going through the process of a replacement just for your air conditioning system to be worse quality?

If you want to perfect your air conditioning installation in Happy Valley, OR, then we’re the team you should contact. We understand the ins and outs of finding you a new air conditioning system. We’ll ensure that all the services you receive are beneficial to your home.

Your Options

You’ve got quite a few options when you come to our team for air conditioning service. Here are the highlights of a few.

Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners are the most common type of system in our area and across the country. This is because central air conditioners are familiar more than anything. What type of air conditioner do your parents have? What type of air conditioner did you grow up using? We’d bet that it’s a central air conditioner.

Central air conditioners are great because they utilize your home’s original ductwork to circulate your cooled air. If you want a great central air conditioner you can find one with the help of our team members. We work with all the best brands to get you the right service.

Ductless Systems

Ductless systems are the system that you should choose if you’re concerned with getting tailored comfort. Do you have those rooms in your home that just never seem to cool off? Maybe it’s because that room receives a higher amount of natural sunlight. Maybe it’s because it’s on the second story of your home.

No matter what the issue is, a ductless system is the unit that’s perfectly designed to address this. The individual air handlers make things custom to your needs. If you’re curious about this system’s compatibility in your home, we can help you find out what you need.

Dual Fuel Systems

A dual fuel system couples the power of a heat pump with a furnace system. We know that we’re talking about air conditioning upgrades today, but it’s always a great idea to think forward to the future. Our winters are cold here and it’s great to get a little extra power for your home. Dual fuel systems will help you stay comfortable when it counts the most.

Heat Pumps

Maybe you’re thinking about an upgrade and one of the main things that you have in mind is making your new AC a little “greener.” Many of us are trying to make the world a more eco-friendly place in any way that we can. Getting yourself a heat pump is the best way to do this. Heat pumps are great systems to choose because they generate both heating and cooling in a different way than what’s standard. We can help you choose the perfect heat pump for your needs.

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