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Why Ductless Mini Splits Are More Energy Efficient Than Central AC

Learn more about the benefits of a ductless mini split for your home.

Ductless mini split systems are still a very new concept, but they are gaining popularity among homeowners looking for more energy-efficient heating and cooling options. A ductless mini split is essentially an individual heating and cooling system for each room of your home. As opposed to central air conditioning, you can control individual zones of your home using these smaller units without the need for ductwork.

They are gaining popularity because they are significantly more energy efficient than their central heating and cooling alternatives. If you’re interested in ductless mini splits in Canby, OR, our team is able to help. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a ductless mini split for your home.

How Ductless Units Work

Central air heating and cooling systems are large units that blow air throughout your home using ductwork that’s usually in your attic. Standard HVAC systems include two different units that each do one job. With a ductless system though, you have one system that does the job of two.

A ductless mini split has individual units in each room or zone of your home. You can set different rooms to be different temperatures based on each individual person’s likes or dislikes. For example, you may have a mini split in each bedroom. But if your kitchen, dining area, and living room are all together, you may have one unit to heat and cool that zone.

Ductless Mini Split Pros and Cons

Let’s just go ahead and get the one and only con out of the way. A ductless mini split costs much more to install than a central system that has ductwork. In fact, on average, the cost is about 30% higher. This can be very significant for some homeowners. The good news is, that’s the only downside. If you can get past this additional upfront cost, comfort with mini split system really is an excellent investment.

Each unit has a much smaller zone, it’s much easier to control the temperature and humidity in your home using less energy. Each room has a mini split system that usually attaches near the top of a wall along a ceiling. There is a connector that runs through the wall from each indoor unit out to an exterior compressor.

Energy costs can be so much lower with this type of heating and cooling system that it’s easy to recoup your costs over the years. The additional money that you spent upfront will quickly pay for itself as your monthly energy bills go down.

Oh, and if you really need some of your attic space back, getting rid of all that ductwork for my central heating and cooling unit will win back that space for you. Maybe you can use it for extra storage space or added insulation to keep heat and air-conditioned air inside your home better.

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