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Has Winter Made You Realize You Need a Dual Fuel System?

We'll help you get the dual fuel system you need. Call our professionals today.

It’s been a long winter here in Oregon City, OR—hasn’t it? It’s been consistently cold for quite some time now, but we’ve made it through the majority of this weather. If you’ve noticed that your heat pump just isn’t cutting it anymore, then it might be time for you to turn your sights to a dual fuel system. Dual fuel systems are the best way to get the service you need from our professionals.

We can provide you with the best dual fuel system in Oregon City, OR and then provide the right services for you as well. We know that finding the right services can be a challenge, but we’re the right professionals to get the work done for you. Call us today.

What Is a Dual Fuel System?

We want to start from the ground up here—a dual fuel system is a combination of an electric heat pump and a gas furnace. This means that you can have a seamless transition from the service that your heat pump can provide in mild weather to your gas furnace when the temperatures start to fall off.

One thing that we want to emphasize is that this isn’t something that’s only good for your comfort. It’s also something that’s amazing for your home’s energy-efficiency work as well. Dual fuel systems are amazing for your home here in Oregon City, OR. If you’ve struggled this past winter to get the comfort you need or the energy services that you need, then it’s time to get in contact with our professionals. Come to us for the service that you need.

Why Should You Choose One?

So all that above sounds great, but maybe you want to get more into the details of why a dual fuel system could be good for you. Here are some of the advantages of a dual fuel system:

  • Extra Warmth: If you’ve ever had a gas furnace in your home, then you know that this type of heat is unparalleled. You can think of a gas furnace as your heat pump’s trusty sidekick. It will have your back when it counts.
  • Low Heating Costs: The handoff between an electric heat pump and a gas furnace with one of these dual fuel systems is seamless and intuitive. This means that the exchange is going to happen when you need it while keeping your comfort and efficiency in mind.
  • The Best of Both Worlds: As we mentioned above, dual fuel systems combine the power of a gas furnace system and an electric heat pump. This means that you can get the best of both of these systems and eliminate the drawbacks of both through the process.

We’re never going to inconvenience you. When you come to our team, we’re going to make sure that you have the best service possible. Our goal is to keep you warm throughout our cold weather here in Oregon.

Contact us for the right services in your home. Keep Homes Comfortable in All Seasons.