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Heating in Oregon City, OR

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It gets cold here in Oregon during the wintertime. It’s up to you, with the help of the experts at Chase Heating & Cooling Inc. to find a reliable and efficient heating system that will keep your family warm and cozy. From heat pumps to furnaces and boilers, we’ve got you covered!

  • Our team brings a personalized approach to heating.
  • We’re a family-owned and operated business.
  • We’ve proudly served Oregon City since 2001.

Heating doesn’t have to be complicated, and it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. Let’s discuss your heating options and find the right solution that fits your needs and budget.

Contact Chase Heating & Cooling Inc., the heating specialists of Oregon City, OR. Keeping Homes Comfortable in All Seasons.

We Service Different Heating Systems

Come to our team when you want a heating system that’s going to match your home’s specific needs. We are your local Oregon City heating experts, and can service all of the following:

  • Furnace: Furnaces are the go-to heating system for homeowners in Oregon City and across the country. Just because it’s common doesn’t mean that high-quality services for these types of systems are too. Make sure that you come to our team of professionals. We’ll help you size, install, and service your furnace system.
  • Gas Lines: Do you want to install a new gas line into your home? Natural gas is one of the best, most convenient ways of supplying fuel to your home. This type of fuel system can revolutionize the way you live. Contact us to learn more about this option today.
  • Ductless Systems: Ductless systems are a perfect way to both cool and heat your home to perfection. Ductless systems use individual air handlers so that you can separately cool or heat the rooms that you need. You’ll save time, money, and energy with one of these systems.
  • Dual Fuel Systems: A dual fuel system is the perfect system for your home if you’re looking to match the eco-friendly and energy-efficient practices of heat pumps with the superior comfort of a furnace system. Dual fuel systems give you the benefits of both systems but eliminate the drawbacks.
  • Heat Pumps: A heat pump is a great way to heat (and cool) your home from a single unit. These systems are easier on the earth and easier on your wallet too!

Come to us and find great service for any heater you choose to have in your home.

Professional Service, Every Time

We’re a team of Oregon City heating contractors that understand virtually every heating system. That’s not something that every HVAC contractor in the area can honestly proclaim. We know what we’re doing and we’re always going to make sure that we take the time and effort to service your home the right way.

Heating is the HVAC service that tends to steal the show here. It’s for a very good reason too—it gets cold. You can lean on us when you need service to keep you warm throughout anything.

We’re here to help!

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