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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Oregon City, OR

Imagine this: you’re sitting in your home on a freezing cold, rainy day here in Oregon City, OR with the heater on full blast to offset the chill. Your home is warm, but it feels a little dry and stuffy because you can’t even begin to remember the last time you’ve opened your windows to let in a little fresh air. It’s just not feasible during this time of the year. This is where a heat recovery or energy recovery ventilator can come in handy for your home.

HRV and ERV systems are two systems designed to boost your indoor air quality while keeping your home comfort intact. Sometimes, you might feel like you have to pit one against the other to get anything done in your home. You’ll never have to feel this way again with the right unit in place.

Come to Chase Heating and Cooling for your HRV and ERV needs. Keeping Homes Comfortable in All Seasons.

HRV Systems: The Run Down

We want to give you the skinny on HRV and ERV systems, because not every single homeowner understands how these systems work. A heat recovery ventilation system is a whole-house ventilation system that provides a controlled method of ventilating your home while minimizing energy loss along the way. This type of system can recover about 70 - 80% of the energy in your home’s existing air and deliver this energy to the incoming air.

A heat recovery ventilation system is the perfect choice for people living in Oregon City because we have such extreme winter conditions. Our winter weather is cold, wet, and rainy. An HRV system is what you need to combat this weather with ease.

When to Choose an ERV System

So now you understand what HRV systems are and we can get into the mechanics of energy recovery ventilators. Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) work the same way that heat recovery ventilators do with one major caveat—energy recovery ventilators can also transfer moisture during the counter flow heat exchange that recovers energy in your home’s air.

ERV systems are what you need if you’re worried about your home’s energy expenditure and your home’s moisture levels. ERV systems can help you prevent mold and bacteria from sprouting up in your home as well. Make sure that you contact our team to learn more about how these systems can help your home.

Always Trust a Professional

The world of ERV and HRV systems can be a little intimidating to some homeowners and we understand why. Indoor air quality is a new venture for most people. It’s definitely not something that you wake up with on your mind unless you’re an indoor air quality professional like us. We’re reasonable so we’re not expecting this from you—that is why we’re here to keep you informed at every single step of the way.

We’re a small family business that likes to focus on personal interactions with our customers. You’ll never have to worry about being upsold or about having your needs overlooked. We’re the team that’s always going to go the extra mile for you.

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