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HVAC Contractor in Portland, OR

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Are you looking for a technician that can help you get your home’s humidity under control? Are you having persistent trouble with the air conditioning in your home? Do you find yourself sitting and shivering in your home all throughout the winter? It might be time for you to schedule an appointment with the professionals on our team. We understand what homeowners need here in Portland. We have nearly two decades of experience servicing homes just like yours, and we take the time and care to really understand what your needs are.

You don’t have to look far for a great HVAC contractor in Portland. Contact us today. Keeping Homes Comfortable in All Seasons.

Heating Services

Your heating services are incredibly important because our winters get frigid. Imagine trying to make it through a cold, rainy, and wet winter here in Portland without a heating system. You’re really in the same boat if you have a heating system that’s just limping along. You can come to us to service your furnace, dual fuel system, heat pump, or even a ductless system. We can install, replace, repair, and maintain any system you’ve got.

Heating System Installation & Repairs

Imagine this: you’re scouring the Internet to find the right heating system that’s going to keep you warm all winter. There are limitless resources, but you can’t find something that you know is going to work for your home. You can rely on the expertise of our team to make sure that you get the heating service that you need. We can perfect your heating repair work too. We’re always prompt and professional.

Air Conditioning Services

The heat of the summer isn’t a joke here in Oregon. We know that we’re not the first place that people think of when you’re thinking of high heat, but you really do need a great air conditioner to make it through the summer comfortably. We have a great selection of air conditioning systems including central AC, ductless systems, heat pumps, and dual fuel systems. We can perform everything that you need.

Air Conditioning System Installation & Repairs

We provide a large range of air conditioning services at Chase Heating & Cooling Inc. because we understand how important these services are for Portland. Having an air conditioner break down on you in the middle of the summer can be incredibly frustrating and stressful. Trying to find a professional team to install a new air conditioning system in your home also be quite the task. We’re going to be here for you every single step of the way.

Indoor Air Quality Services

You might think that your indoor air quality is just one of those "nice to have if you can get around to it" services, but indoor air quality is essential to your home comfort. We understand the importance of indoor air quality and that’s why we provide air filters, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, HRV systems, and ERV systems. We even go the extra mile to provide custom ductwork design for homes too.

Custom Ductwork Design & Installation

There really isn’t much that’s more important than your ductwork system. You need ductwork that’s designed around the needs of your home-not the other way around. If you need an expert to help you create a ductwork design that’s going to work for your home, you can count on the experts on our team. We’ll even make sure that we install this system to perfection too.

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